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Care Home Pharmacy

Offering you support in your quest for providing the elderly with a comfortable, caring environment, The Dispensing Centre is a reputable online pharmacy dedicated to improve the quality of life of older people and make the later years of their life more fulfilling.

From dispensing medicines to offering expert advice to staff, we offer comprehensive pharmacy services tailored to meet the unique needs of your care home. Being a reputable care home pharmacy in Warwickshire, The Dispensing Centre not only fulfils your care home’s medicinal needs, but also helps you offer best quality care to your residents while ensuring your compliance to all regulations.

Working Together as a Team

Residents of care homes often have complex medicinal needs due to multiple long-term conditions. As a result, care home services may find it difficult to meet their residents’ health needs due to limited resources thus seek a reliable partner who can fill this void and offer support by ensuring error-free filling and efficient delivery of all prescriptions.

At The Dispensing Centre, we appreciate your dedication to care for the elderly and support you in your mission by providing best-quality pharmacy services for your residents. From reviewing all your prescriptions for any drug-drug and drug-food interactions to delivering medicines to your care home in a fast and efficient manner, we take care of the entire process so that you can free yourself from the worry of getting the repeat prescriptions refilled and focused your efforts on providing the utmost care to your residents.

Delivering Exceptional Quality Care to the Elderly

We know that as an organisation providing care home services, your aim is to ensure complete comfort of your residents and offer them best-quality care. Recognised as the most reputable care home pharmacy in Warwickshire, The Dispensing Centre can become your partner to help you make accelerated progress towards your goals and achieve your mission of providing highest-quality care to older people with its specialised care home pharmacy services that promise you:

  • Efficient prescription processing and minimum stock outs with the electronic prescription service (EPS)
  • Fast and flexible delivery of medicines to your care home
  • Complete compliance to all regulatory requirements
  • Minimal dispensing and administration errors
  • Cost control through reduced wastage of medicines

To learn more about how The Dispensing Centre can help you provide the best possible care to your residents, you can call us at on 0800 804 4404 or email