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Care Home Services Midlands

Reliant on care home staff for many of their day to day needs, older people are perhaps the most vulnerable members of our society. At The Dispensing Centre, we appreciate your concern for the elderly and offer you support in your mission of improving the quality of life of the older people.

From expert advice to efficient delivery of medicines to your care home, The Dispensing Centre helps your organisation deliver the best possible care to your residents with itscare home pharmacy services. We take care of your residents’ complex medicinal needs so that you can focus on creating a comfortable, compassionate environment where they can spend the golden years of their life as independently as possible.

Helping You Enhance the Quality of Care

Being a care home services provider in Midlands, you are required to cater to the complex health-related needs of elderly individuals suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions. This not only increases the risk of medication errors, but also contributes to your care home’s operational costs, making it difficult for you to maintain high standards of safety and care for your residents with your limited resources.

At The Dispensing Centre, we understand the unique challenges your care home has to combat with,therefore we provide specialised care home pharmacy services that improve your medicine management system whilst keeping the costs low.

We offer the following services to organisations providing care home services in Dudley, Coventry, and other areas in the Midlands.

  • Prescription Management and Delivery — We help you minimise medication errors, wastage, and stock outs by providing you the right medicines in the right quantities at the right time.
  • Expert Advice — Whether you need information regarding the administration of a medicine or you are unsure about the handling and safe storage of an injectable, our team of licensed pharmacists provides accurate answer to all the queries of your care home staff.
  • Additional Services — In order to help you ensure compliance to regulations, The Dispensing Centre can also arrange visits by licensed pharmacists to audit the use of antipsychotic medicines, frequency of medication errors, and medication wastage.

To learn more about how The Dispensing Centre can help you establish your reputation as a patient-centred, quality-focused care home service in Coventry, you can call us at 0800 804 4404.